Managing negative emotions on digital wearables

UX process
User research
Research question: How to help people recognize if they feel "angry" and provide tools to calm down?
Design question: What digital solution can help adults recognize and manage their anger?
Personas and scenarios
We created three personas to represent our target users. We have two primary personas (Amy Lee and Jeremy White) as well as one secondary persona (Sophia Davis). Each persona has a corresponding scenario written. All personas and scenarios were based on secondary research. survey, and interview data that we collected during our user research phase.
Design Requirements
Affinity diagrams and sketches
Prototype Features
– Heart rate measurement 
– Mood selection 
– Mobile phone synchronization 
– Calming tips 
– Access to text, call and music 
– Meeting mode option
Task Flow
We evaluated the performance of 8 tasks during 5 usability test sessions and revised 3 features of the initial prototype.
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